The Buzznet internet broadband offers exceptional uptime and access speeds for offices.With Buzznet network stand a chance to build a super efficient network in your office space at the most cost-effective manner, dedicated to help you make the most of every business opportunity. The mission of Buzznet is to provide quality Internet services, Web hosting, and DSL service to both large and small clients.

Ubiquitous Network

Buzznet is a service provider having Long Distance. We have laid wide optical fiber network We are all set to accomplish our objective of creating a local-wide broadband telecom & multimedia network. We are getting set to making broadband available anywhere & everywhere to us.

Affordable Broadband Service

Broadband Internet is ideal for small to mid-size businesses such as franchise owners that need to connect various sites together or companies staffed with remote employees that need Internet access. With a variety of available speed options.

Reliability and Bandwidth

We offer clients the greatest degree of reliability and bandwidth at a more affordable price.Buzz net internet service Provider, with its in-depth knowledge of Internet services , is now evolving into a large, specialized, Web Internet service provider.

Unlimited Plans

  • 2 Mbps - 750/-
  • 3 Mbps - 900/-
  • 4 Mbps - 1250/-
4Mbps- 1250/-

Fup Plans

  • 2 Mbps -550/-
  • 4 Mbps -800/-
  • 4 Mbps -1100/-

Night Plans

  • 512 kbps -450/-
  • 1 Mbps -650/-
1Mbps- 650/-